Outils d’accessibilité

Our values

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    Seriousness refers to the SNCI's professional and responsible attitude in all its operations. This includes compliance with applicable laws and regulations, transparency and efficiency in transactions, and a commitment to providing high-quality services.

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    Reliability is crucial for a financial organisation like SNCI, because our customers must be able to rely on us to honour their commitments. This means meeting deadlines, providing accurate and up-to-date information, and fulfilling contracts for financial support and personalised advice.

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    Trust is the fundamental pillar of any relationship between us and our customers. To earn the trust of our stakeholders, we act with integrity, ethically and responsibly. Confidentiality and the protection of our customers' data also play an essential role in establishing mutual trust.

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    SNCI has the expertise and knowledge to manage assets, assess risk and provide sound financial advice. The competence of its advisers is therefore essential to offering relevant and effective services to entrepreneurs.

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    Accessibility refers to the ease with which customers can interact with us and obtain the information they need. As an accessible financial organisation, we offer a variety of communication channels, responsive assistance, and straightforward processes so that customers can easily access SNCI products and services.