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Transform your company into a more modern, creative entity

When you want to transform your company into a more modern, creative, and solutions-oriented entity, several key factors come into play. You will need to clearly define your new corporate vision and the strategic objectives you wish to achieve. Identify the areas in which you want to modernise, focusing on the specific benefits that modernisation will bring to your business.


SNCI's consultants are on hand to help you bring your business up to date and keep it competitive.

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QTrobot has become the preferred platform providing support to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, as well as autism children. Our partnership with SNCI holds significant importance for our company. Thanks to their flexible financing solutions, we were able to scale up robot production and fulfil our shared mission of creating genuine  value for people in Luxembourg and beyond.

Pouyan Ziafati

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Pouyan Ziafati

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